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Telepathic Moon Dance is a mystical dance band playing exotic grooves from beyond. They combine jazz, funk, rock, deep house, world music and psychedelia for a unique sound that melts genres and faces. Drummer/bandleader Walker Adams has played with St. Vincent and prog bassist Percy Jones, and leads his note-worthy musicians through original compositions spanning fun and danceable to hypnotic and introspective.

Promo blurbs

 - Telepathic Moon Dance entices the mind and compels the booty.

 - Telepathic Moon Dance is a mystical dance band that transports you to exotic realms of the mind.

 - Telepathic Moon Dance explores new terrain with their unique blend of jazz, funk, rock, world, and electronica.

 - Ex St. Vincent drummer goes rogue with funk-fusion jam band. 

 - Mystical dance band melts genres and faces.

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